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The international industrial production of corundum materials has a history of more than 110 years, and my country’s industrialized production of corundum materials also has a development history of nearly 60 years. So far, the production capacity of corundum materials in China has become the world’s largest producer and exporter of corundum materials. 

Corundum material has the characteristics of high hardness, high temperature oxidation resistance, good chemical stability, excellent grinding performance, and high mechanical strength. As a basic material of industry, it is widely used in grinding, refractory materials, chemicals, building materials, electronics, and engineering. And structural ceramics and other industrial aspects.

1. Types and uses of corundum materials

(1) Types of corundum material

1. Natural corundum: the common ones are blue-gray and yellow-gray, transparent and brightly colored are called gems. Containing traces of chromium, it is red as ruby, and containing traces of titanium and iron is blue as sapphire. Its use is mainly used in handicrafts and decorative materials, while natural corundum garnet is mainly used in ordinary abrasives. Due to its resources and performance, the application of natural corundum in polishing materials tends to decrease.

2. Artificial corundum: Artificial corundum is the most common and common corundum material for large-scale industrial basic materials. Artificial corundum has different performances due to its alumina content and the types of added minerals. Artificial corundum includes white corundum, brown corundum, Sintered corundum, black corundum, chromium corundum, single crystal corundum, zirconium corundum, etc.

(2) Main characteristics and uses of corundum material

1, high hardness (Mohs hardness of 9), can be widely used as grinding and grinding materials;

2, high melting point (2060℃), can be widely used as high temperature refractory materials;

3, good chemical stability, resistance to acid and alkali corrosion, can be widely used as surface engineering materials and chemical raw materials;

4, good air tightness, low expansion and electrical insulation, (high-purity corundum material) can be used as electronic materials, engineering ceramics and structural ceramic materials;

5. Good abrasion resistance and crushing strength, can be used as special engineering modified composite materials and building materials:

(3) Distribution of corundum materials at home and abroad

According to the analysis and statistics at the beginning of this century, the distribution of corundum materials at home and abroad is as follows

Foreign situation: 11% for grinding; 18% for engineering ceramics; 21% for refractory materials; 50% for other uses.

Domestic situation: 8% for grinding; 37% for engineering ceramics; 41% for refractory materials; 14% for other uses.

2. The current situation and main problems of my country's corundum material industry

Through years of investment, hard work, and continuous progress and development, China's corundum manufacturing industry has synchronized with the world on the global trade platform, and has occupied an important place. This is an important achievement after the reform and opening up. China is the world’s largest producer and exporter of corundum materials, but it is not a strong country in the industrial technology and production technology of corundum materials. Compared with the world’s industrialized countries, China is in terms of production technology, processing equipment, R&D capabilities, application areas, product structure, There is still a considerable gap in energy conservation and resource utilization, especially in the field of research and development and application technology of polished materials. Compared with the international industrialized countries, there is a gap of more than 50 years, and this backward situation is still Continue to intensify. The following is an analysis and discussion on the common problems of the current situation of the corundum material manufacturing industry.

1. Corundum production capacity

The production capacity determines the order of the market: According to the latest statistics from the Abrasives Industry Association, there are currently 221 enterprises smelting corundum materials in my country, with 348 smelting furnaces, with an annual production capacity of more than 4.3 million tons. In addition, it is currently under construction and There are about 20 brown corundum smelting furnaces of 5000KVA and above to be expanded, and the newly added production capacity is about 250,000 tons. As far as my country’s current production capacity of corundum is concerned, it has been seriously surplus, which is more than three times the average annual domestic and foreign sales. The surplus production capacity is about 3 million tons. In terms of this statistical data, how should our practitioners analyze and how It is self-evident to position one's own business correctly. Our current dilemma in the corundum manufacturing industry is quite severe. Many small and medium-sized enterprises will face the test of the survival of the enterprise. From the perspective of the single production capacity of corundum material, we analyze and judge that some of our confused practitioners expect ordinary The "spring" of the corundum material demand market must be a "mirage"-like illusory dream.

2. Market situation of corundum materials

The market conditions determine the lifeblood of the enterprise: from the analysis of the application fields, the products of the corundum material that form the scale and enter the market in batches are mainly brown corundum, white corundum, and a small amount of black corundum and high-aluminum corundum, and the application fields are mainly concentrated In polishing materials and high temperature refractory materials. Market statistics over the years have shown that in the global industrial economy and the situation is stable and normal, the total annual domestic and foreign demand for corundum materials is about 1.5 million tons, of which domestic and foreign sales basically maintain a dynamic balance, and sometimes the export volume will be in different quarters. Slightly higher than domestic demand. As for the corundum materials currently entering the sales market, there are basically few corundum materials used for high-speed grinding, heavy-duty grinding, high-tech precision machining, high-grade refractory materials and high-tech composite corundum materials. This also shows that we are in high-tech The content and high value-added composite corundum materials need to be developed quickly. At the same time, this type of product also has a better market field and application space.

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