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On October 26, 2018, the four-day world-class exhibition in the glass industry—Glasstec 2018 in Dusseldorf, Germany, officially came to an end. During our trip to Germany, we had a close exchange opportunity with world-class manufacturers, which was very rewarding.

At this exhibition, our company produced company pictorials, product brochures, and product introduction display boards in both Chinese and English. The three-dimensional assembly of various kilns and bricks of various parts were displayed in both pictures and text. Speak with company customer examples, answer questions and answer questions based on the needs of on-site merchants, and fully and detailed display product performance, physical and chemical indicators.

It is worth mentioning that the low-exudation large bricks developed by our company based on advanced technology in the industry can greatly reduce the erosion and pollution of glass liquid caused by the exudation of the glass phase. At the same time, the product and other products have been Through the inspection of the national authority, all indicators have reached or exceeded the national standards. The professional introduction and enthusiastic service of company personnel attracted many foreign businessmen to stop and inquire.

Before the trip to Germany in 2016, our company was more with a learning attitude. During this trip to Germany, our company demonstrated high-quality products and comprehensive services to manufacturers around the world. Also because we do not forget our original intention and strive for perfection, we are going wider and wider on the road of internationalization, and we have won the recognition of many international customers.

Today, the exhibition has come to an end, but each end means a new beginning. The company's knowledge of the latest glass information and creation is conducive to the upgrading and transformation of its own products, which can better meet the needs of international glass manufacturers and bring more opportunities and challenges to the company's future development.

2020, German glass exhibition, see you!

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